About us


          Thai Heart Calibration Co., Ltd. (THC) was established in October 2007 by merging with CQC Innovation Co., Ltd. (accreditation number: 0105 at that time). THC was first accredited according to TIS 17025:2548 (2005) or ISO/IEC 17025:2005 from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), Ministry of Industry, on November 30, 2009 with the accreditation number of 0156. Now, we provide the calibration services in various fields as the following areas:

  • Calibration services for dimensional instruments divided into 3 sub-labs, namely as
    • Small Tools Laboratory,
    • High Precision Tools Laboratory, and
    • Applied Tools Laboratory
  • Calibration service for RF and electrical instruments
  • Calibration services for mass and balances
  • Calibration service for pressure instruments
  • Calibration service for force and torque instruments
  • Calibration service for chemical instruments
  • Calibration services for glassware and plasticwares
  • Calibration service for temperature and humidity instruments
  • Calibration service for fluid and gas flow meters

          Currently, Thai Heart Calibration Co., Ltd. (THC) is accredited according to TIS 17025:2561 or ISO/IEC 17025:2017 from both the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and the ANAB (The ANSI National Accreditation Board), an accreditation agency from the United States. These are covered in all the capability mentioned above. In addition, THC has also been appointed as an authorized distributor of the measuring instruments for brands including Fluke, Mitutoyo, Imada, Ojiyas, Issoku, Teclock, Additel, Rotronic, Mitsuwa, RSK, Shinwa, Fuji Tool, Eisin, Kanon, Accumac, and Ctrl.

Calibration Method
         The technical engineers perform the calibrations of measuring instruments according to the procedures (CM/CP) based on the international standards such as ISO, JIS, DIN, ASTM, etc. in order to achieve the most accurate results and traceable to the National Institute of Metrology Thailand (NIMT).

Standard Equipment
        To achieve the accurate results along with the accurate measurement uncertainty, THC has imported the standard equipment with high precision, which have been calibrated by the National Institute of Metrology Thailand (NIMT), to calibrate the customer’s measuring devices.

Controlled Environment

          The calibration laboratories of Thai Heart Calibration Co., Ltd. (THC) are controlled for temperature and relative humidity environments in accordance with the international standards, divided into 3 parts:

  • Temperature at 23+3oC and relative humidity at 50+15%RH for temperature and humidity laboratory, pressure laboratory, RF and electrical laboratory, air flow laboratory, and force and torque laboratory.
  • Temperature at 20+1°C and relative humidity at 55+15%RH for dimensional laboratories.
  • Temperature at 20+2°C and relative humidity of 50+10%RH for mass and balance laboratory, and chemical and glassware laboratory.
  • Temperature at 33+5°C and relative humidity of 65+20 %RH for the fluid flow laboratory.

           This is to obtain very small measurement uncertainty which will result in your instruments staying within your acceptance criteria.

Our Employees

          All of our technical engineer has undergone the calibration training in both theory and practice from the main institutes in Thailand. They also closely receive the training from trainers who have specific knowledge and expertise in each type of instrument.

          For the convenience and speed of the calibration service, the THC has a service to choose from both in-lab and on-site calibration which will be completed within 7 working days with reasonable prices. There is also a pick-up service with staff who are skilled and trained in tool-handling management.

Calibration certificate (Certificate)

          The calibration certificates issued by THC cover all important areas and can be traced back to the National Institute of Metrology of each country so that you can use them in the relevant work as needed. Furthermore, every calibration certificate will be checked for accuracy before being delivered to you every time.

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